Andrea Mädje
Andrea Mädje

Since I was a teenager I had the great longing to discover the world and to live in another country then in Germany.In 2001/2002 I could realize this wish and I moved to the Costa Blanca / close to Alicante in Spain to start with my new work as a lecture in ” Meditation of Dance – Sacred Dance – “. Mainly I´m working with women here from Spain but also from other countries and from while to while with teenagers in schools. Through dance, specially through  “Meditation of Dance” – dances in a circle which connect us with the sacredness in life, I´ve been expiriencing out of a fragmented world, the wholeness and union with life again. A more profound connection with life, joy and an respectful togetherness. Also the importance of getting to know who I am and my skills to share them with the world.

A more lovingly vision of life here on earth with the possibility for every person to realize themselves in their unique way.

This includes mindfulness, have the coraje to confront myself with my vulnerability and with my greatness, so that I can make my contribution here on planet earth.

A part from the group sessions, I´m offering individual coaching sessions and I´m organizing encounters to dance for the earth.

My great passion is the dance. Also I love to be in the nature, walking, swimming or simply contemplating the beauty of nature. This is my fountain for my  creative inspiration. I´m interesting in everything that has to do with healing methods, music, psychology and cultural architecture.

More  information

  • 1980-1983 professional training in Bank and Commerce, certified by the Camber of Commerce and Industry
  • 1986-1988 advanced professional studies – expert diploma in banking, basic legal and special subjects for banking, business economics, general economics, certified by the Camber of Commerce and Industry  = bachelor in services and banking operations
  • 1995  NLP-Practitioner
  • 1997-1999 training in dance and philosophy, diploma of the institut ” Meditation des Tanzes”
  • 1997 working as management assistant in Norddeutsche Landesbank
  • 1998 sabbath year with cultural and dance studies in Argentina
  • 1999-2000 employed by the EXPO-BANK for the World Exposition in Hannover, responsible  for the Nations which participate and for V.I.P. clients
  • 2001 training in spontaneous acting at the Galli Theatre in Berlin
  • Since 2002 working like self employed lecture in dance, creativity, meditation and communication in the culture, education and environment areas
  • 2014-2017 Timeless Wisdom Training / Academy of  “ Inner Science” with Thomas Hübl in Germany. 670 teaching hours  in meditation / mindfullness, mediation, cultural architecture, body awareness, transparent communication and relationship intelligence, mystical principles

language: german native, english and spanish