dance, poetry and meditation

Do you look for joy outside of youself and in the world?
Do you not know that it can only be born in the bottom of
your heart? (R.Tagore)

In former times when the world was not yet devided up into fragments, music, dance and poetry formed one unit, something which belonged together and could be understood by our hearts.

Isn’t it our longing for unity which calls us now, in this time where big changes are happening, more than ever to listen to our inner voice?

Don´t we find the greatest truth in our hearts, and from there it reveals itself? Real transformation, and so healing, can only take place in our hearts, the centre of our being.

Through dance, meditation and poetry we admit ourselves to our own truth and so to further steps we might to do in our life.

Workshop can be given in the frame of one afternoon, one entire day or during a whole weekend.