Celtic wisdom

The celtic tradition has a wonderful view about love and friendship. One of it´s fantastic ideas is the love of the soul, in the antique gaelic ANAM = soul + CARA = friend

Anam Cara is one who loves your essence, guides you to the presence you are, reminds you of what is important, takes you to the source, and afirms you – letting you be who you really are. The one you love is the truest mirrow to reflect your soul.

We all need Anam Cara´s.
What we also need is to feel that we´re part of the whole, that we´re not separated. The ancient Celts never seperated the visible from the invisible, time from eternity or the human from the divine. Nature was divine presence.

When the love awakes in our heards, in our lives, then it feels like a new beginning.
A new beginning from which we are able to be a cocreater.

Love is the essence of our soul and our body the mirror of our soul.

“Each of us is an artist of our days; the greater our integrity and awareness, the more original and creative our days will become.”

In this workshop „Anam Cara“ we´re going to connect with the elements earth, fire, air and water in the middle of the nature.

The music and the dance leads us into the mistery of friendship with ourself and with others.

* John O´Donohue, book „Anam Cara“